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Most Frequently Violated
Boating Laws

1. No person shall operate or be in actual physical control of a numbered
motorcraft in this state unless the person is at least 16 years of age or
is accompanied by an adult. This includes personal watercraft, i.e., jet skis,
wave runners.

2. Watercraft 16 feet and over in length shall have one approved throwable
device (ring buoy or buoyant cushion) in addition to an approved wearable
personal flotation device of a suitable size for each person.

3. All persons being towed on water skis, barefoot or other devices by a
watercraft shall wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device while
engaged in such activity.

4. Operators of motorboats shall ensure that a fluorescent orange flag be
displayed above the vessel anytime towed persons are down in the water,
so as to warn other boaters of the situation.

5. All watercraft operators should be aware that there are two flags used to
indicate the presence of a person engaged in diving in the immediate area.
The official flag, Alpha, which is blue and white, is internationally recognized
for all diving operations. The second flag, is the red flag with a white diagonal
stripe. No person shall operate or permit the operation of any motor powered
watercraft on the waters of the state of Wyoming within 50 feet of the display
of the above described "diver down" flag. All motor powered watercraft
approaching such flags shall do so at a no wake speed.

6. Alcohol-related boating accidents are increasing every year. Alcohol is the
number one contributor to boating-related deaths. If you are going to drink
alcohol, designate someone to operate your watercraft who is not drinking.
Wyoming Game & Fish Department officers are increasing efforts to ensure
complianceof the statute for boating while under the influence of alcohol.


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