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Hunter Education Information
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Introduction to Hunting and Hunter Education

Welcome to the Wyoming Hunter Education (HE) Program. Hunting has always been a part of human life. For most of their history, humans depended on hunting for their survival. No other form of human activity has a longer tradition.

The first HE courses, originally called hunter safety, were designed over 50 years ago with the main purpose of reducing hunting accidents. All states now have HE courses, with over 25 million graduates since the programs were started. A decrease in hunting accidents of well over 50% show show effective these programs have been. Hunting is statistically safer than almost all other forms of recreation.

While the major purpose of HE programs is still the prevention of hunting and firearm related accidents, more and more emphasis is being placed on improving knowledge about the heritage of hunting. The importance of the young hunter developing a sense of ethics and responsibility is stressed. Both the first time and veteran hunter are encouraged to become involved in all matters related to hunting, wildlife, and the environment. Responsible, ethical behavior by hunters and personal involvement in the community will be essential to the future of wildlife and the survival of hunting.

HE courses in Wyoming are sponsored by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD), and by similar wildlife management agencies in other states. The major sources of funding for these agencies are from sales of hunting and fishing licenses and from federal excise taxes on hunting and fishing equipment.

In Wyoming, there are over 350 volunteer instructors, training over 5,000 HE graduates each year.These volunteers donate their time, ability, and effort to share their knowledge and experience with HE students. Without the efforts of these volunteers the program in HE would not be affordable or possible.

Length of Hunter Education Course

The traditional classroom HE course shall consist of a minimum of twelve (12) hours and a maximum of eighteen (18) hours of instruction. The eighteen hour maximum instruction may be waived when the course is offered by a school system.

The online HE course varies in length, but the accompanying field day is four (4) hours. To learn more about the online HE course, click here.

Fees for Hunter Education Course

There shall be no charge by the WGFD for participation of students in a HE course. Certified instructors may charge each student a fee, not to exceed $10.00 to offset out-of-pocket expenses.The online HE course will also have a fee of $19.50 to the vendor providing the course.

The Instructors

The Wyoming HE program is conducted by a cadre of volunteer instructors throughout the state. All classes are taught by volunteers and/or Department personnel. The dates, times, and places for these classes are set by the instructors. HE course offerings will be listed on the WGFD web site.

The Course

The course consists of six required sections. These sections are:
1. Hunter Responsibility and Ethics
2. Wildlife Conservation and Management
3. Firearms and Firearm Safety
4. Game and Fish Statutes and Regulations
5. Game Care and Wildlife Identification
6. Outdoor Safety


A written test is administered at the end of the course with a minimum score of 70% required to successfully complete the course. Where possible, students are given a chance to live fire at a shooting range. Whether the student passes also depends on attitude and cooperation during the class and the firearms handling.

Hunter Education Cards

Each student who passes the course receives a temporary Wyoming HE certificate that is good for two weeks. After the two week time frame students must visit the Department web page and print off their permanent cards. These cards allow him or her to hunt in Wyoming and any other states with reciprocity to Wyoming.

If you should lose your HE card, you can print duplicates, at no charge.

Hunter Education Course Information

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