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Online Exam

Welcome to the Online Exam. Below you will find the questions to the exam; be sure you answer all questions, if you do not answer a question it will automatically be marked as incorrect. When you are finished will all of the questions, select the 'Grade Test' Button at the bottom of this page.

1) In order to hunt big or trophy game animals in Wyoming you must be:

2) Everyone must take a Hunter Education course who was born:

3) It is illegal to:

4) Any person who buys a license to hunt or fish in Wyoming must also purchase a:

5) If you plan to hunt on private property, you should get:

6) In Wyoming, it is legal to:

7) During big game firearms hunting season, hunters are required to wear at least one outer garment (shirt, vest, hat, etc.) of what color?

8) With very few exceptions, it is illegal to use artificial light when hunting in Wyoming.

9) Hunters are required by law to stop at which of the following:

10) A hunter is required to appropriately tag his big game animal, trophy game animal, or turkey: