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Online Exam

Welcome to the Online Exam. Below you will find the questions to the exam; be sure you answer all questions, if you do not answer a question it will automatically be marked as incorrect. When you are finished will all of the questions, select the 'Grade Test' Button at the bottom of this page.

1) If you encounter a mountain lion that is within about 50 yards you should:

2) To help avoid encounters when you’re in mountain lion country you should:

3) Which of the following signs would most likely indicate a mountain lion may be preparing to attack:

4) When you encounter a mountain lion, the chance of an attack can vary due to:

5) If it becomes obvious a mountain lion is about to attack, or is already headed toward you, it is a good idea to drop to the ground and “play dead”.

6) When a mountain lion attack appears likely, you should:

7) Mountain lion tracks:

8) Making direct eye contact may help prevent an attack by a mountain lion, but is not recommended when you encounter a bear.

9) Which of the following statements about mountain lions is true:

10) Mountain lions are more likely to attack children because:

11) If you see a mountain lion in the distance (over 100 yards away), and you don’t know whether or not he has seen you, you should:

12) Since mountain lions are rarely seen in Wyoming, there are probably very few of them in the state.