Wyoming Game and Fish Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance  
  Thank you for participating in the Wyomimg Game and Fish Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Program. Your Specimen will assist the Department in determining which hunt areas/locations are infected with the disease. On behalf of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, thank you for all of your cooperation in this surveillance program.  
  To check your CWD test results, use ONE of the following search options below.  
  Submission Number  
  Enter your Hunter-ID below to retrieve your CWD results. You should have received this number from the Game and Fish when your sample was taken in the field. This is a six digit number located on a white label with a barcode - two digits followed by a dash and then four more numbers. EXAMPLE: 11-2394. Do not enter the asterisk(*) before or after the number.  
  Specimen Submission #:       
  Sportsman ID Number  
Enter your Sportsman ID below. This is the number assigned to you by the Wyoming Game and Fish Depertment. This ID is 11 characters long.
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  Personal Information  
  You may search the database by entering your personal information below. This information must match the data given to the Game and Fish Agent that collected your sample. If you have moved, or if there has been any other change, this search may not provide the correct result.  
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