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2.5 miles east of Lovell on U.S. Highway 14A,
then 10 miles northwest on State Highway 37.
Continue 4 miles on Crooked Creek Road.

     This rearing station was constructed in 1958 and named for the Tillett Ranch.  The ranch owners granted a 99-year lease to the Game and Fish Department for the property.  Located a short distance from Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range and the Montana border, this facility also offers scenic beauty.
     Tillett Springs is in a great place to rear fish.  Two springs, supplying over 1,300 gallons of water per minute at a temperature of 54 degrees F, provide an excellent source of water.  Two ponds are used to house the fish; one where they are grown to stocking size and one to hold brood stock.  There are also 12, 5’ x 100’, concrete raceways.  An “isolation hatchery” is also being considered for an addition to the facility.
     This “isolation hatchery” will be used for experimental incubation, hatching and rearing groups of fish of undetermined disease status.  Tillett Springs raises a number of different species of trout.  A brood stock of Eagle Lake rainbow trout is held in one of the large earthen ponds.
     There is plenty of good trout fishing nearby in the alpine lakes of the Big Horn Mountains.

Tillett Springs Rearing Station
P.O. Box 416, 195 County Road 16
Tillett, Wyoming 82431
(307) 548-6650

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